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  1. Trader's Guild
    Crafting/Gathering focused

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  1. Madani Sari
    Suffering from Que-Time-Dysfunction? Well, I'm «sari» that is a problem, but we have more tanks and
  2. Nightrix
    Push past your gaming limits with your friends or even Brothers or Sisters.
  3. PhoenixFire
    From the ashes we shall rise again
  4. Revenant Wings
    See you in the Sea of Clouds, sky pirate!
  5. Red Dragon Syndicate <<KAIJU>>
    To achieve what is right can often involve doing what is necessary

Crafting/Gathering focused

Zana Solen

Trader's Guild

Crafting/Gathering focused

1 419
[NA] Coeurl Mar 8, 2017


Inari Tsukimaru

Isle of Avalon


6 1.4K
[NA] Coeurl Sep 25, 2016