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ffxiv_10102015_100854.png ffxiv_10132015_173103.png ffxiv_10152015_174748.png Vesp waiting for the Halloween event! please deliver SE!
Late update but Congrats to Leo and Haku on winning the Crafter Scholarships!
New pretty fountain for the house~ fBzH2bc.jpg
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    Najla You can post too Hag bag!
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    Haggis WHERE'S THE ONE WITH ME IN IT?!?!?!
Just upgraded to a Mansion tonight! Congrats on all your hard work Vesp!
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    Roll So happy we got a mansion! Thank you everyone and thank you Naj for being such an awesome FC leader who constantly helps us out anyway you can.
Making a good impression in our new neighborhood! House warming party~

ffxiv_05212015_211911.png ffxiv_05212015_212605.png
A big thanks to @Oblit for our new logo:
FC Cristmas event!

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Hei and Sly's wedding June 12, 2015! ffxiv_06122015_201911.png ffxiv_06122015_201437.png
One of our last days of terrorizing Mor Dhona! Ishguard, are you ready? ffxiv_06132015_094718.png

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Hoegadyn Hoedown Wedding~Grats Kitty and Haggis! ffxiv_06222015_160802.png ffxiv_06222015_161849.png
Vesp bars~ ffxiv_06262015_171850.png
4 tank/2dps/2heal Bismarck Extreme clear! Crazy but we did it! XpDFIjF.png aAk3NB8.png
Shiny new content


Hnaging out between A4 farms~
Summer contest.png

Gil and prizes! Vesp members, share your favorite summer moment with your fellow FC members for a chance to win big! This contest is open to our Adept and Adventurers ranks. Start capturing those moments and stay tuned for more info~